Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Weekend!!

Lets pretend that the weekend started on Thursday! :)

Thursday: Mommy and Daddy (& audrey) were invited to go blowing with John, Katrina, Rob and Kensey!! We all pretty much did terrible that day and I will fail mention the horrible scores! hehe Afterwards we ate altogether at Qdoba and had tons just making jokes and telling stories.

Friday: We did our weekly grocery shopping together. We cleaned the house for the sabbath. Mommy got to print out pictures and using them to put together Audrey's scrapbook!! yah!!! its looking really cute and can't wait to see the finish result!!

Saturday: Went to Sabbath school and Audrey was awake for the whole time!! She seems to be more aware of everything that was going on!! we can't wait till she can participate without mommy holding everything for her!! Mommy and Audrey also signed up for VBS!!! YAH!!! we are so excited!! During the Second service, Audrey made a new friend and they "played" together! After Church we went back home to have lunch and took a wonderful sabbath nap!! Around 8 we decided to go to the lake and have worship there and wait until the fireworks started. WELLLL!!!! little did we know the fireworks weren't going to start until 10:45...!!!!!

Yeaaaaaa... not a good idea to take a baby to a beach with fireworks whennnn it was her bedtime, it was humid but COLD, Mosquitos were everywhere and sand was getting on everything!!! she was very very fussy... so we had to leave right when the fireworks started. But while walking to the car we actually got to see all the fireworks and the grand finale!! so we didn't really miss out on anything!! and to top it off we beat the immense traffic getting out of town!! Audrey was REALLY easy to put to sleep after that and slept a wonderful 7 hours!!!!

Milestone of the week: Audrey sat up with daddy for a good 5 seconds!!!!!! and is growing A LOT!!!!

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