Thursday, June 25, 2009

mango salad, spit up, crib, babybjorn carrier...[[What being a mommy is all about!!!]]]

Today has been a slow day. Both Papa and Mommy have been working on getting stuff done for school. Audrey has been taking frequent naps, which probably means she's having another growth spurt. We had a nice lunch at Qdoba, Mommy tried the mango salad and absolutely loved it.

One concern with audrey is that she's been spitting up A LOT for the last two days. I don't know if she's being a glutton or maybe not feeling well. So if anyone would like to give me any advice that would be great. I've been burping her, putting her at an angle... I don't know what else to do. I hope she's not getting sick. 

She's starting to get such a personality now... she's such a happy baby!!! She's responding to papa's and mommy's love with smiles!!!! When she hears our voice she'll start kicking and wailing her hands!!! It brings so much joy to us. 

Mommy needs to start putting audrey in the crib... at least for naps until she gets use to it. In my opinion, i would like to wait till 3 months, or until she's doing full nights. Yes probably more because i can't let go and because I"M THE ONE GETTING UP AND FEEDING HER so i want to be comfortable in my own bed. LOL ....BUTTT i need to start since in iowa she might go in another room in the crib and her room/crib needs a baby to live in LOL

btw any advice on a good baby carrier? i'm thinking babybjorn ... i found some for a cheaper price on ebay... since iowa we're going to be doing tons of fun things i desperately need a carrier. whatca think?? 

well until tomorrow my readers. Lots of kisses from audrey!