Monday, June 29, 2009


So amazingly enough audrey is starting to do 7 HOURS a night!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its absolutely wonderful getting sleep!!! Okay well... she does start to wake up at 3, but doesn't want to eat. She just starts to grunt and then i give her the pacifier to soothe her ANDDD she's sleeping once again!! I don't know if she's just use to waking up that time so she starts to grunt... ORR what? I'm pretty sure its not because of the pacifier falling out.... its never been a problem before. ANYWAYS whatever it is I'm glad she can go back to sleep within seconds! 

So the spitting up problem, i think i figured it out. I'm so use to feeding her every two hours and did it automatically without her hunger cry, she took it so i assumed she was hungry. WELL.... i'm pretty sure i was overfeeding her because now i'm waiting for the cry just to make sure the time... and its prolonging to 3 hours!!! Another wonderful thing that has happened this week!

All of these wonderful things only mean my baby girl is growing up!!! what a bittersweet feeling!! 

Audrey and Mommy have joined the mommy's group at church! we learned how to make gluten from scratch (from whole flour not the gluten flour)!!!!!! So hopefully Daddy will like it. Mommy will make sure to season it nice and delicious.  We're also helping out with VBS which is australian theme so we're super excited about it!!! 

God is blessing us everyday and the whole family is growing more and more in faith with Him. God is good all the time....all the time God is good!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

mango salad, spit up, crib, babybjorn carrier...[[What being a mommy is all about!!!]]]

Today has been a slow day. Both Papa and Mommy have been working on getting stuff done for school. Audrey has been taking frequent naps, which probably means she's having another growth spurt. We had a nice lunch at Qdoba, Mommy tried the mango salad and absolutely loved it.

One concern with audrey is that she's been spitting up A LOT for the last two days. I don't know if she's being a glutton or maybe not feeling well. So if anyone would like to give me any advice that would be great. I've been burping her, putting her at an angle... I don't know what else to do. I hope she's not getting sick. 

She's starting to get such a personality now... she's such a happy baby!!! She's responding to papa's and mommy's love with smiles!!!! When she hears our voice she'll start kicking and wailing her hands!!! It brings so much joy to us. 

Mommy needs to start putting audrey in the crib... at least for naps until she gets use to it. In my opinion, i would like to wait till 3 months, or until she's doing full nights. Yes probably more because i can't let go and because I"M THE ONE GETTING UP AND FEEDING HER so i want to be comfortable in my own bed. LOL ....BUTTT i need to start since in iowa she might go in another room in the crib and her room/crib needs a baby to live in LOL

btw any advice on a good baby carrier? i'm thinking babybjorn ... i found some for a cheaper price on ebay... since iowa we're going to be doing tons of fun things i desperately need a carrier. whatca think?? 

well until tomorrow my readers. Lots of kisses from audrey! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beach party!!!

Today was audrey's first time at the beach, in which she was able to enjoy the sand and the water. We've been there before but it was rainy and gloomy so she didn't get to enjoy it like today. 

Natalie and Aurelia both turned 23 today (Brad's classmates) so they threw a party at the beach. They had hot dog, chips, and goodies. (Mommy made a zucchini and corn salad)  They played volleyball, hula hoops, and threw a football around. Audrey and I put our feet into the cold water. At first she didn't like it and cried but afterwards she got use to it and enjoyed it very much. We also got to go down the slide!!! audrey's first time down a slide!!!! I hope she had fun visiting with her papa's classmates and tanning (LOL) But we had to leave early because she's not very fond of too much sun and humidity!

Now audrey and I are watching "so you think you can dance" and soon will be getting ready to go to bed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

another mom blogger

Hello Family and Friends,

I know the Grandmas' especially will love my attempt to record, day by day, audrey's life. We (audrey and I) have joined the blog world because i believe facebook isn't enough to exploit audrey HAHAH! I will try to post pictures everyday or asap and write about our day.

Last night Audrey slept a wonderful 51/2 hours straight followed by 21/2 hours!!! Daddy and I are very excited about her extending sleep time. Today Daddy dressed her with a onsie "i love you" and some jean shorts. Topped off by mommy with her pink sneakers and polka dot bow/headband. Mommy and Audrey decided to take a trip down to target to buy some birthday presents for two of brads classmates, who are having a beach party tomorrow, in which we will be attending. (depending on audrey's mood)

Milestone of the day: I know there has been plenty of pictures of audrey smiling but of course they are all spare of the moment, probably caused by gas. BUTTTTTT today after a feeding, mommy was tickling audrey's neck and she started to smile each time... with some cooing too. i wouldn't call it laughing. BUT IT WAS ADORABLE!!!

Now the little princess is sleeping so mommy must stop taking so many breaks and work on some school!!!!

WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!         


note: Pic 1: audrey catching up to daddy! he's sweaty too EWW!..PIC2: audrey is wearing the new sunglasses mom got today @ target