Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catching up!

Sorry I haven't updated this in the last couple days, Mommy has been busy trying to finish school and be a good housewife HEHE!! 

Here in Michigan the weather has been quite chilly. I don't understand why this is so when its SUMMER!!! I hate it because I'm less motivated when its gloomy and cloudy outside! I need the sun to give me energy! anyways..

Audrey and Mommy went for a walk (a couple days ago), just the two of us. Usually we go as a family but mommy needed  some fresh air... after reading True Education by EGW... all you want is to be in God's nature. She also sat in the stroller... we didn't use the carseat!! She's getting to be a big baby now! :)
  That same day audrey took her nap, for the first time, in her room and in her crib!!!!! It wasn't a very long nap, but its a small step closer! Audrey has also entertained her parents by pooping .... no more like squirting... all over them!!! Its hilarous but MAN that poop leaves stains!!! Again not a lot going on, since both mommy and papa are busy right now. Audrey can sense it and demands our attention!! hehehe She is so darling... grandma deedee pointed out that this might be a clue to her Love Language... Quality time!!! So Audrey's personality is surely developing more and more everyday.

I will post a video of her smiling with mommy.

May God Bless...and Pray for us as we finish school!