Saturday, August 1, 2009

Last Two weeks!

So the blog hasn't been updated due to the exciting couple weeks we've had!

We left to Iowa to visit Granddad and Nana on Saturday night... this way audrey would be able to sleep the whole 71/2 hours. She sure did too! She also let us sleep in too so that we weren't so tired later that day.

Sunday: We visited great grandmother bascom at her house.. while the men fixed her water pipes! Audrey enjoyed meeting some family for the very first time!

Monday: Just spent the day relaxing getting some scrapbooking done and getting the house ready for visitors during the weekend!

Tuesday: Granddad and Daddy rode ragbrai! they left 5 in the morning and we didn't see them again until 3:30pm. The girls went to do some shopping at des moines! After picking up the guys we went to pf changs and enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Audrey was quite pooped!

Wednesday: We did our first batch of corn. The guys went picking in the afternoon and then late afternoon we did the whole process before freezing! it was mommy's and audrey's first time!

Thursday: We picked up cousin HUNTER!!!! Hunter and Audrey played together! Then later we all went for a swim at the community pool which was like a mini waterpark! lots of fun! Aunt kirkie also surprised us by coming to visit early!

Friday: Aunt kendra came over and we all did the second batch of corn. Later Tia elina, Tio josh, Tony and Taryn arrived!! it was a big party!

Saturday: most of the bascom family were all there for Audrey's Dedication! audrey was very excited! After that we went to nana's house to have sabbath lunch! Audrey got to meet all the uncles and aunts! Also her other cousins Alan and Angelina!

Later we celebrated Hunter's party! everyone had a blast!

Sunday: Everyone went back to their homes. Auntie kirkie got to play with Audrey a little more before she left to KC. We didn't leave until late that night..

Mon-Fri: Mommy did VBS this week.. Australian theme. Also Getting ready for fall semester for both mommy and daddy! Mommy got into student teaching and Daddy is starting his second year of PT! But before that.. Daddy is doing his first practicum in Kalamazoo!

Sat: Got to see her new friends from church. And later she will spend a wonderful time with Shaunna while mommy and daddy have a date!

Audrey is growing soo much learning new things!!


video from swimming

The first video is of audrey and her first swim!!!
Excuse Mommy being sooo weird heheh!

Friday, July 17, 2009

swimming and laughing!

Yesterday was Audrey's very first time swimming!!!

We decided not to go to the lake because its hot and sandy. Audrey usually doesn't do to well when we're there anyways. Andrews University has an indoor pool in which brad and audrey are free. I am 3 dollars. Its heated too! anyways she did extremely well, she's a natural swimmer like her daddy!!! She loves water! just as long as its warm though :)

another exciting event.... AUDREY LAUGHED!!!! Mommy was getting ready do go out for some thai food and all of sudden i hear a squeaky giggle. Daddy was making her laugh so loud and so much! Mommy only got the last of her laughing BUT THEN WHEN UPLOADING THEM I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE VIDEO!!!!! so very very very very upset. just have to wait for the next time... :(

well keeep you guys all updating for more!!!! here is a video of her swimming....***not working right now so will upload it later

Thursday, July 16, 2009

so many different things going on...

Haven't written in a while because well..nothing exciting has happened! let me think...

We had a nice picnic with daddy's classmates at shaunna's house. Mommy made some of daddy's favorite jello "casserole." Everyone wanted to hold her and play with her. she was feeling really loved and was upset when we had to leave. Well ... i assume because she cried when we put her in the carseat.. hehe. Then off to Dr. Harvey.

Audrey went to the doctors on the tenth of this month and got her vaccines...:( Of course she cried and mommy had to soothe her by nursing her. She didn't really have any of the symptoms till the next day. She was very fussy, diarrhea, and her leg kept swelling up. That lasted for about 3 days and now she gets a little warm. So we're keeping a close eye on her this week. I hope she gets better soon.. we're going to iowa on Saturday night!!!
Good news about the appointment is Audrey is growing marvelously! She is 24 inches in height and weighs 12lbs and 9 oz. The height in definitely in the 90th percentile and her weight is in the 75 th percentile! Daddy is hoping she will play in the NBA....HA!

Audrey is getting stronger... holding up her head really well now and is sitting up with support! she sometimes wants to STAND!! she's a crazy lil' devil :)

Yesterday Audrey had her first babysitter: Shaunna! Daddy and Mommy went out for a date (movie and a dinner). Mommy was freaking out the whole time because Audrey has been fussier than normal because of the vaccines. BUT she was an angel for shaunna and we're so thankful that Shaunna was nice enough to do that for us!

Now we're trying to prepare for our trip to iowa! Maybe hit the beach later today!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i don't know how to let go....

sniff sniff** again audrey is proving her independence by sleeping the night in her crib!!!!!! I seriously cried before going to bed, brad thought i was crazy LOL... She did pretty good... okay extremely well!!! Its like she never knew her mommy sleep 10 inches from her bassinet. Okay... i'm ready to let her go ... move on.. to the next room. :) its sooo not fair!!! hahaha


Audrey is learning how to support her head... she pretty much has it down but sometimes she gets a little lazy.. hahaha. Daddy makes sure to exercise with her everyday. They do a little rolling, a little bit of push ups, and they practice sitting up. Usually after this "work out" Audrey falls asleep in a flash.

I"m so blessed with a beautiful family!! God is good!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Weekend!!

Lets pretend that the weekend started on Thursday! :)

Thursday: Mommy and Daddy (& audrey) were invited to go blowing with John, Katrina, Rob and Kensey!! We all pretty much did terrible that day and I will fail mention the horrible scores! hehe Afterwards we ate altogether at Qdoba and had tons just making jokes and telling stories.

Friday: We did our weekly grocery shopping together. We cleaned the house for the sabbath. Mommy got to print out pictures and using them to put together Audrey's scrapbook!! yah!!! its looking really cute and can't wait to see the finish result!!

Saturday: Went to Sabbath school and Audrey was awake for the whole time!! She seems to be more aware of everything that was going on!! we can't wait till she can participate without mommy holding everything for her!! Mommy and Audrey also signed up for VBS!!! YAH!!! we are so excited!! During the Second service, Audrey made a new friend and they "played" together! After Church we went back home to have lunch and took a wonderful sabbath nap!! Around 8 we decided to go to the lake and have worship there and wait until the fireworks started. WELLLL!!!! little did we know the fireworks weren't going to start until 10:45...!!!!!

Yeaaaaaa... not a good idea to take a baby to a beach with fireworks whennnn it was her bedtime, it was humid but COLD, Mosquitos were everywhere and sand was getting on everything!!! she was very very fussy... so we had to leave right when the fireworks started. But while walking to the car we actually got to see all the fireworks and the grand finale!! so we didn't really miss out on anything!! and to top it off we beat the immense traffic getting out of town!! Audrey was REALLY easy to put to sleep after that and slept a wonderful 7 hours!!!!

Milestone of the week: Audrey sat up with daddy for a good 5 seconds!!!!!! and is growing A LOT!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Catching up!

Sorry I haven't updated this in the last couple days, Mommy has been busy trying to finish school and be a good housewife HEHE!! 

Here in Michigan the weather has been quite chilly. I don't understand why this is so when its SUMMER!!! I hate it because I'm less motivated when its gloomy and cloudy outside! I need the sun to give me energy! anyways..

Audrey and Mommy went for a walk (a couple days ago), just the two of us. Usually we go as a family but mommy needed  some fresh air... after reading True Education by EGW... all you want is to be in God's nature. She also sat in the stroller... we didn't use the carseat!! She's getting to be a big baby now! :)
  That same day audrey took her nap, for the first time, in her room and in her crib!!!!! It wasn't a very long nap, but its a small step closer! Audrey has also entertained her parents by pooping .... no more like squirting... all over them!!! Its hilarous but MAN that poop leaves stains!!! Again not a lot going on, since both mommy and papa are busy right now. Audrey can sense it and demands our attention!! hehehe She is so darling... grandma deedee pointed out that this might be a clue to her Love Language... Quality time!!! So Audrey's personality is surely developing more and more everyday.

I will post a video of her smiling with mommy.

May God Bless...and Pray for us as we finish school!