Friday, July 17, 2009

swimming and laughing!

Yesterday was Audrey's very first time swimming!!!

We decided not to go to the lake because its hot and sandy. Audrey usually doesn't do to well when we're there anyways. Andrews University has an indoor pool in which brad and audrey are free. I am 3 dollars. Its heated too! anyways she did extremely well, she's a natural swimmer like her daddy!!! She loves water! just as long as its warm though :)

another exciting event.... AUDREY LAUGHED!!!! Mommy was getting ready do go out for some thai food and all of sudden i hear a squeaky giggle. Daddy was making her laugh so loud and so much! Mommy only got the last of her laughing BUT THEN WHEN UPLOADING THEM I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE VIDEO!!!!! so very very very very upset. just have to wait for the next time... :(

well keeep you guys all updating for more!!!! here is a video of her swimming....***not working right now so will upload it later