Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beach party!!!

Today was audrey's first time at the beach, in which she was able to enjoy the sand and the water. We've been there before but it was rainy and gloomy so she didn't get to enjoy it like today. 

Natalie and Aurelia both turned 23 today (Brad's classmates) so they threw a party at the beach. They had hot dog, chips, and goodies. (Mommy made a zucchini and corn salad)  They played volleyball, hula hoops, and threw a football around. Audrey and I put our feet into the cold water. At first she didn't like it and cried but afterwards she got use to it and enjoyed it very much. We also got to go down the slide!!! audrey's first time down a slide!!!! I hope she had fun visiting with her papa's classmates and tanning (LOL) But we had to leave early because she's not very fond of too much sun and humidity!

Now audrey and I are watching "so you think you can dance" and soon will be getting ready to go to bed.