Wednesday, July 8, 2009

i don't know how to let go....

sniff sniff** again audrey is proving her independence by sleeping the night in her crib!!!!!! I seriously cried before going to bed, brad thought i was crazy LOL... She did pretty good... okay extremely well!!! Its like she never knew her mommy sleep 10 inches from her bassinet. Okay... i'm ready to let her go ... move on.. to the next room. :) its sooo not fair!!! hahaha


Audrey is learning how to support her head... she pretty much has it down but sometimes she gets a little lazy.. hahaha. Daddy makes sure to exercise with her everyday. They do a little rolling, a little bit of push ups, and they practice sitting up. Usually after this "work out" Audrey falls asleep in a flash.

I"m so blessed with a beautiful family!! God is good!!

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